Looking for ways to create a zero waste pantry that won’t break the bank and help you organize your food storage? We’ve got 5 simple hacks for you to begin reducing and reusing in your kitchen:


Repurpose and use what you have. There is no need to buy a stack of cute matching mason jars or pretty crates. Most people have way more containers than they need and this can be a great way to put them to use and free up kitchen storage areas. Use and wash out glass jars from your fridge that once stored salsa or olives and repurpose for your pantry storage to house beans, rice and other dried items.


Your pantry doesn’t have to be plastic free. Plastic is still a good storage option if you reuse the plastic you already have in your home. There’s already so much plastic in circulation (and probably in your house) and it’s better to reuse it than throwing out.


Avoid plastic packets. Have you noticed buying food in packets forces you to get more than what you need? When you shop in bulk locations, you can choose how much you want and avoid storing too many items for a long period of time and rick 


Get creative. Use glass drink bottles or tins as containers. As long as the container is suitable for the product, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re going to use labels, use durable ones or dry erase labels if you want to change out your containers periodically.


Eat what you have and shop your pantry first. If your panty is getting overloaded, try eating through it before buying more. By tweaking your habits, you’ll simplify your life and do less shopping. 

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