There are so many benefits to keeping your pantry organized. Find items with ease, clearly know what is out of stock and add beauty and clarity to your kitchen. It will also make writing your grocery list a lot easier and keep you from overbuying the same item that you might already have an excess of (hello 7 bottles of olive oil). 

Take Everything Out

If you’re going to commit to really organizing your pantry, then let’s do it right. Start by pulling everything out of the current space and categorizing the items into themed categories.


Each pantry might have different categories based on the items you keep in stock and dietary preferences, but here are some basic, broad categories to get started with: grains, baking, sweet snacks, salty snacks, breakfast, canned goods, cereal, spices, condiments, fruit & nuts, oils & vinegars, coffee & tea, plastic ware.

Purge & Simplify

While you are categorizing make sure to PURGE any expired items (especially spices and mixes) – use the organization as a way to start fresh in your space!

Consider Placement

After you categorize, consider the categories you want easily accessible (daily use) and the categories that you access on a more sporadic basis (baking, plastic-ware, etc). Plan to place all your daily items on the shelves you instinctively gravitate towards (typically eye-level and down a little). Lastly, place not as accessible items on the highest shelves.

Use Organizers

Make a list of items you need including baskets, risers, bins, airtight containers, etc. We have used multi-purpose items that are durable and functional but also stylish (obvi). Hyacinth baskets are great for items you don’t need to view, but you want to make sure to label them clearly so things don’t get mixed up again. Tosca baskets are perfect for snack items that rotate in and out since you can easily see the contents.

Label Everything

Labeling is super important especially in pantries where many people can be popping in and out throughout the day to grab snacks, prepare a meal, or put up groceries. Labeling helps keep a high traffic space like the pantry organized and efficient. Plus, it’s just fun and cute, right?

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